Shifting Your F-inancial Course:

A non boring personal finance conference

When:           Saturday September 28th, 2019

Where:         The Creative Hive  16819 111 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5M 2S4 

Time:            9:00 AM – 5:00 PM   

Who:             If you make money and spend money. This event is for you.   

Tickets:        Tickets are $55 per people Click here for tickets!


Get your financial freak on!

Money is a touchy subject, in fact, it’s The Most Hated F-Word!

Let’s talk about personal finance and let’s talk about it loudly. Join us for a day of thought-provoking speakers using plain language to break the silence on The Most Hated F-Word.

This financial literacy event is desperately needed. After all, a whopping 42% of Canadians report finances as the top stressor in their lives.  It’s wild that finance is practically a taboo topic.

This event WILL break the taboo and get down to the nitty gritty. So come ready to engage in important conversations that will actually make you feel better about The Most Hated F-Word.

Really, it will be a personal finance conference like you have never seen before!

Let’s get people talking!

And the Cherry on Top?

All the proceeds from the event will be donated to Junior Achievement Northern Alberta. That means your attendance will directly benefit the financial literacy of the youth in our communities. To find out more about Junior Achievement click here

Come Enjoy:

7 Speakers, a DJ, wine, beer, cheese and community building.

The Speakers:

We are psyched to have 7 insightful speakers on the docket who are donating their time for this financial literacy conference in support of Junior Achievement Northern Alberta, a local non-profit organization.

Each speaker will have 18 minutes (TED talk style) to share their unique perspectives on personal finance. Topics will be diverse, relevant, relatable and actionable in our own lives. 


Ashif Mawji | Serial entrepreneur / Philanthropist / Venture capitalist / Mentor and a Community builder

Topic: Follow Your Passions and Focus on Ideas Around That


Ashif Mawji is a serial entrepreneur, philanthropist, venture capitalist, mentor and community builder. He chairs the Edmonton Police Foundation and serves on numerous private and nonprofit boards, including the Sarah McLachlan School of Music, CN Community Foundation and others.

He received the EY Prairies Entrepreneur of the Year award, named one of Canada’s Top 40 under 40 and received Canada’s 50 Best Managed companies award three years in a row.

Ashif received NAIT’s Alumni of Distinction Award and named one of the Top 50 Graduates in 50 years and received an Honorary Degree in Bachelor of Business Administration.

Ashif is an Honorary Colonel in the Canadian Army and received the Queen’s Golden and Diamond Jubilee medals and the Alberta Centennial Medal.

He was named a Henry Crown Fellow (part of the globally renowned Aspen Institute).  Ashif is happily married to Zainul and has two amazing boys Kinza and Aariz.

Ashif is happily married and has two amazing boys.


Richard Moxley | Credit Expert / eCredit Fix

Topic: FREEEDOM! – How to live FREE and in control


After 8 years as a high-volume mortgage broker Richard Moxley was tired of helping consumers get into debt. Now he spends his time helping Canadians get out of debt and rebuild their credit. Everyone is playing the Credit Game but his passion is to show you how to play to WIN and have some fun along the way. Some of his accreditation are:

  • Best-selling author
  • Featured in the Globe and Mail, CBC market report, CTV and Global TV locally and nationally.
  • Financial Literacy Leader of the year 2015/2016
  • Licenced Insolvency Counselor

Richard Moxley is married, has five children, and lives in Calgary, AB.

Dr. Kyle Murray PhD | Professor of Marketing & Vice Dean UofA

Topic: The Behavioral Science behind Better Financial Decisions


Kyle B. Murray is the Vice Dean and a Professor of Marketing at the University of Alberta’s School of Business. Dr. Murray studies human judgment and decision making, and has been interested in personal financial decision making for more than 20 years. His work uses the tools of experimental psychology and behavioral economics to better understand the choices that people make. This work has been widely published in leading academic journals and was recently recognized with the prestigious interdisciplinary McCalla Professorship. Based on his research, Dr. Murray has advised several organizations including the Competition Bureau of Canada, General Motors, Industry Canada, Johnson and Johnson, LoyaltyOne, and Microsoft. His two books are The Retail Value Proposition and Consumer Behaviour.

Alyssa Davies | Content Specialist & Personal Finance Blogger



Alyssa is founder of the personal finance blog, Mixed Up Money and a content specialist for She writes about being a mom, overcoming personal debts, and how to get away with affording your ridiculously expensive latte habit. Alyssa doesn’t preach frugality or expect you to be perfect because let’s be honest – money isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. As someone who doesn’t call herself an industry expert, she knows that you need real-life-non-scary-tips-and-tools to create a healthy vision of what financial success looks like for you – and only you.

James Knull | Owner of Mogul Realty Group

Topic: How to House HACK your Home: AKA make money from it


James Knull has been a Realtor for 11 years and has over 15 years of experience in Real Estate investing with over 250 investment properties. He is a passionate and experienced leader who mentors other investors. He coaches individuals who are new to Real Estate as well as advanced investors. James gives his time to speak on the REIN stage and other events to help inspire investors to be the best they can be.

James takes his role as leader of the Mogul team seriously. His mentality, “Live Well”, truly radiates from the team to the community. He strives to inspire everyone to make Real Estate the vehicle that drives them to success.

Shaun Maslyk CFP | Financial Planner & Personal Financial Blogger

Topic: What’s Your Money Story?


During the last 15 years, Shaun has been delving into the frustrating but fascinating world of personal finance. While in university, Shaun was fortunate to make a decision that has forever changed his relationship with money. He decided to drop out and traveled around the entire globe for a year with his wife. Together they spent less than the price of a used compact car. Shaun is on a mission to educate and empower people so they can live their happiest and most fulfilled lives. For Shaun, financial literacy is not about becoming rich, it’s about living our most enriched lives.

Shaun deeply believes that when we understand our money relationships, and what’s important, our entire money framework changes in a healthy manner. Both him and his wife are seeking to become financially independent before their 43rd birthdays.

Shaun is a Certified Financial Planner, Chartered Insurance Professional, and holds his Bachelor of Commerce degree. He owns and operates an insurance and investment business in Edmonton, Alberta. Additionally, he runs a blog called The Most Hated F-Word, where he writes about learning better money habits, investing and how to take control over your finances.

Bryn Bezaire LL.B, BA | Wills & Estate Lawyer 

Topic: What to Know Before You Go


Bryn has extensive experience drafting Wills, Enduring Powers of Attorney, and Personal Directives which suit each client’s individual needs.  She enjoys assisting clients with estate planning needs including those with blended families, capacity related issues, AISH recipient beneficiaries, assets in multiple jurisdictions, and corporate interests, using various trust structures, while always keeping in mind the tax implications of each potential strategy.

Bryn enjoys making presentations to numerous groups about issues relating to Wills and Estates and presents regularly for the Edmonton Community Foundation at Wills Week.

In addition to her Wills and Estate planning services, Bryn has significant experience in preparing applications for Probate when the deceased had a Will, or applications for Administration when the deceased did not have a Will.  

Bryn often assists the Executor or Personal Representative of Estates in collecting Estate assets and paying Estate debts.  She ensures that all appropriate taxes have been paid in order to protect the Executor or Personal Representative from liability.  

In her spare time Bryn believes it is important to give back to the community.  She is the past Chair and current board member of Fulton Child Care Association and Fulton After-school Association.  As part of that she participated heavily in a board initiative to build a playground for the children after both programs relocated.  


Stay Tuned for the last presenter’s bio soon!


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