Let’s break the taboo.

It seems my whole life that I have been trying to figure out this personal finance thing. I have always been so intrigued by money and the paradox it represents. It can make us so happy yet, so upset. What’s the deal?



In university I was fortunate to make a decision that has forever changed my perspective and relationship with money. I decided to drop out and bought a one-way ticket to Vietnam with my girlfriend (now wife!) and travel the world.  We had $35,000, less than half the Canadian average annual household income, in our bank account and set a goal to travel around the entire world for a year – without working.

With a strict spending plan (boy was it hard to find information on how to make one of those), we successfully travelled for 13 months around the entire world. It was amazing.

However, it wasn’t until we returned home and did all the “adult” things (bought a home with a mortgage, purchased vehicles with loans and signed up for all our utility bills) that I realized what this trip did to me.

On paper, we were successful right? We bought a home and vehicles at a young age, I had a full-time career with a pension – I was set! Right?

Wrong……something was missing and then it hit me like a lighting bolt.

My relationship with money was forever changed as I soon realized that when we spend our money on things that actually matter in our lives—like experiences—we seek to live an enriched life rather than a rich one.

During the last 10 years, I have been delving into the frustrating but fascinating world of personal finance and I have learned many valuable lessons along the way.

I have found out that it doesn’t matter if you’re a professional, in a trade, business, human service or anything in between, we all have the same question: Am I spending my money where it counts?

As a Certified Financial Planner and plenty of learnings through the “school of hard knocks” my goal is to share my money relationship with others in the hopes it helps others to explore their own relationships.

With the end goal having more people talk about money in a positive and use it to do things in life that are worth living.


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